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  • Car Warranty Protection in the UK

    By Will Long

    In the UK, it is required by law that a new car comes with a warranty that is at least two years. Often, the manufacturer will bump this up to three years, but in recent times there have been a handful of manufacturers that have included a 5+ year warranty with their newer models (which they deem to be more reliable).  Read..

  • Growing Number of UK Motorists Switching to Automatic Gearboxes

    By Will Long

    Previously, driving an automatic car would often be frowned upon and dubbed “not proper driving” by some motorists. This appears to be changing, however, as it seems that more and more motorists are now turning to automatic gearboxes instead of manual transmission.  Read..

  • Car Importation in the UK and What Could Change After Brexit


    When driving on UK roads, it is now common to see all kinds of interesting automobiles which have been imported from different countries. This is, in part, due to the increase in companies that can make the process much easier and more affordable than ever and a relatively straightforward set of rules.  Read..

  • Genuine workshops that deal with auto repairing

    By daledyches

    Auto breakdowns can always unexpected and it is said unexpected always happens in everyone’s life. Imagine a situation when you are to attend an important meeting and your vehicle cheats you and gets broke down. This would be frustrating and definitely spoil your mood too. If this happens on a highway and you do not get any public transport or do not get any help from anyone, it would be disgusting too.

  • Test your driving skills at a Rally School

    By Adam Nicolson

    Think you have what it takes to compete with the top rally drivers in the UK? Could you handle a car on the toughest dirt tracks, travel at breath-taking speeds and finish a stage in record-breaking time? Spend time at a Rally School and that’s not such a pipe dream. A Rally School could teach you essential driving skills that make you a formidable driver in the future. Try a Rally Driving Experience and it’ll give you a taste of what it’s like to handle a car at high speed. This is no-frills fun. Strapped into your car you’ll hit 60 in less than four seconds and be grinning from ear to ear at the same time. It’s fast, it’s furious and time spent at a Rally School is a whole heap of fun.  Read..

  • Advanced and reliable Heathrow airport parking service for vehicle owners

    By David Mock

    The problem of vehicle parking area is most crucial at airport. As most of the passengers prefers to visit the airport in their four-wheeler or vehicles therefore the services of Heathrow airport parking becomes important one.  Read..

  • What tire are you wearing?

    By Amira Kitchin

    Not many people think about what are the elements that affect their everyday life, carbon footprint, money spending or quality of life. People tend to just go with the flow and believe what they are told. One thing that affects all of us is cars. No matter how we live, our lives somehow we are related to cars. Most of us own a car and take care of it. Most of us are also concerned about our cars not so much because of the carbon footprint or quality of life but mostly because of the money spending. People still won’t take effort to search information on the factors that could decrease the consumption and at the same time save some money for you.

  • Don’t save money on the wrong spot

    By Amira Kitchin

    Saving money is like art. You can save on the right spot or then you can save on the very wrong spot.

  • Used luxury Cars

    By BigBoyToyz

    Luxury cars; even the mere mention of them flashes the image of amazing cars that give the best driving experience. Luxury cars are a dream of everyone irrespective of the fact that they love cars or not. These cars live up to their name and provide the best comforts to the people but they come with a high price tag which makes them out of reach for most people. Owning a brand new car might be expensive for some but what if you go for a second hand car? This option can help many people fulfill their dreams of owning a stylish luxury car and you will be happy to know that big boy toyz can help you in attaining your dream car.  Read..

  • What Is The Motability Scheme?

    By Adam Nicolson

    Now a days it is widely recognised that a vehicle is essential for many of us. In fact once you have a car you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. However for someone that is disabled having a vehicle that allows them to get out and about is even more essential. In fact, even having a car you can rely on if you are a carer for someone that is disabled is vital.  Read..

  • Why Buy a Used Nissan

    By Adam Nicolson

    If you are thinking of buying a second hand car, it is well worth considering a used Nissan. They have been making cars since 1933 and have a reputation for making durable cars that look good and are economical to run. The Nissan range spans the full spectrum meaning that there really is a second hand Nissan out there for every car buyer.  Read..

  • Volvo S60 2013 - a fast and reliable car

    By Adam Nicolson

    The Volvo S60 has long been a favourite amongst discerning car fans. The car has a great reputation for style, reliability and economy and the new Volvo S60 2013 delivers all these things and much more.  Read..

  • The Honda CRV

    By Adam Nicolson

    The Honda CRV is a popular compact SUV. It has been available since 1995. This innovative SUV was developed from the very popular Honda Civic, and was one of the first SUVs to go to market across several continents. From the outset, it has proved to be a very popular vehicle in several countries despite being Honda's smallest SUV.  Read..

  • Tailored car mats can really improve the interior of your car

    By jenifer smith

    If you take pride in the appearance of your vehicle both inside and out then tailored car mats are a really good option for you. Not only will they make your car look a million dollars but they will give added comfort to you and your passengers. Made from the very best quality materials, these mats will be durable as well as stylish and are a great investment for anybody who likes to look after their vehicle.  Read..

  • Ways to Promote Junk Autos For Income?

    By anmingali

    So, you have decided to get rid of junk car that is long kept in the backyard of your house and now what is the next step to be taken by you? You will have to find a dealer, who is ready to offer cash for junk cars. Even there are also dealer who are ready to take old vehicles irrespective of its condition and if your vehicle is in working condition, you can sell it to a used car dealer. On the other hand, when it is found that it can no more be used for riding you can sell it to a junk car yard.  Read..

  • Car Loan-Massive Sum Of Investment Is Infeasible From Own Pocket

    By Steve Matthew

    Buying a car from own pouch is not feasible for most of the individual as there is massive sum of investment which get caught up. Hence, car loans turn into inescapable for the UK people. At a point, these loans supposed to be benefited cautiously after assessing its entire feature.  Read..

  • Accept nothing less than the best from Chelmsford taxis

    By jenifer smith

    Chelmsford taxis B&K are setting a new bar for service level- a higher one that other taxi companies need to take heed of. B&K is a family run taxi service operated by Bill and Kevin. Their drivers are friendly, reliable and consistent. You can feel confident that you’ll receive the same level of care from one day to the next across the business.  Read..

  • Factors For Personalised Automobile Plates

    By picfordneil

    Many people purchase personalised car plates on an impulse and only when they are spending a huge sum of money, they think whether it is really needed for them. On the other hand, in the United Kingdom, there are great arguments against the vehicle numbering system currently followed. With the system in vogue, the age of the vehicle and the area at which the vehicle was registered can be easily found by anybody just by viewing the car. This is why people belonging to this part of the world are highly hesitant about the registration numbers allocated by the government.  Read..

  • Smart Ways is the UKs premier mobile body shop

    By jenifer smith

    Have you been involved in an accident on the roads, and need to find a mobile body shop that can provide you with bumper scuff repair, and indeed all manner of bodywork repairs for your car? Have you visited your local auto repair mechanic, only to be left decidedly frustrated with a quotation that does not match your budget? If so then the only name that you need to consider is Smart Ways.  Read..

  • How Car Dealers can help to make the Right Purchase

    By Tom Jui

    When it comes to purchasing a car, either as a first car after passing the required driving and theory tests or to upgrade from an old vehicle, the considerable wealth of choice can be overwhelming. From a selective range of vehicles promoted in a car dealership forecourt to listings placed in newspapers and car magazines, thousands of vehicles are available to new owners to be utilised for their respective purpose.  Read..

  • Buying Used Cars Norwich

    By Adam Nicolson

    When you think about just how much a new car can depreciate in value and how good many used cars can be, it really does make more sense for the average person to buy a high quality used car than it does to fork out a huge amount for a brand new one, which is only going to lose its value at a rapid rate.  Read..

  • Car Buying Guide

    By Chris AzUsed

    Well, the day you buy a car is absolutely a very good day and so you should celebrate it. Other than, if you are in desperate need for a new car as your old one has broken down terribly or simply if you want to commemorate a special day by purchasing or simply presenting a car to a person special, then you certainly know what the best time is. Having said that, if you are a casual customer who would wish to save some money by acting wisely then this post will give you some pointers on the best time to buy new and used cars.  Read..

  • Award wining chip tuning from the professionals at Flash Remapping.

    By Tommy Wayne

    Our domestic vehicles are widely thought of as the second biggest purchase we make in our lives second only to properly so it is unsurprising that we are a nation of “petrol heads” some more so than others. Consumers today have become much savvier when it comes to their vehicles whether they be for domestic or commercial use we all want the very best out of them which is why chip tuning and ECU remapping has become increasingly popular.  Read..

  • Road Traffic Accidents; what's the Solution?

    By Tommy Wayne

    If you have been involved in a road traffic collision then it can be such a stressful and distressing time and you can feel rather vulnerable and susceptible, which is not good, not good at all.  Read..

  • The Best Driving School Glasgow Has to Offer

    By Adam Nicolson

    Finding the best driving school Glasgow has to offer can be quite a daunting task. There are dozens of schools in every part of the city, so wherever you live you will have a long list to work your way through.  Read..

  • Glasgow Driving Lessons

    By Adam Nicolson

    There are plenty of Glasgow driving lessons to choose from. The city has a large population, so naturally there are plenty of schools offering to teach people to drive. However, the service offered by each school varies considerably. Choosing the right one is important if you want to pass your test the first time. Therefore, it makes sense to take your time and do a little research before signing up with a specific school. Studies show that people who swap schools midway through the learning process take far longer to learn to drive and pass their test.  Read..

  • Fast track to successful driving!

    By Tommy Wayne

    If you fancy becoming the next Sir Alan “YOU’RE FIRED” Sugar you can take a crash course in entrepreneurship; for businessmen whose skills don’t transcend 1+1 there are crash courses in tax exemptions; if you are an ardent carnivore with a desire to butcher your own beasts there are butchery crash courses and; for someone who would like to step into Robert Murdoch’s shoes (but make a better job of it) there is even a crash course in publicity! Being a fast- paced society that hasn’t even got enough time to brush our teeth in the morning and who sees halitosis as preferential to arriving late to work; there really is a quick fix for pretty much anything!  Read..

  • Car trouble? Call the AA Breakdown

    By Adam Nicolson

    If you have a problem whilst out with your car it is comforting to know that help is just a phone call away. Increasingly, people are choosing to call the AA breakdown number when they need help. In most cases, they are already members of the AA. However, if you are a non-member it is also possible to get help from the AA. You normally have to join for a year. If you are a non-member calling for assistance you will also have to pay a one off fee to have your car towed to the garage. Current AA members pay no additional fees for this service.  Read..

  • Steer clear of DIY Car Scratch Repairs

    By Tommy Wayne

    There’s nothing worse than coming back to your car after leaving it parked up for a while to discover a nasty scratch on the paintwork. Scratched paintwork is a real eyesore, it sticks out like a sore thumb and unless professional Car Scratch Repairs are carried out on the vehicle you are forced to drive around with a car that has less than perfect bodywork. It’s tempting to have a go at Car Scratch Repairs on your own at this point but this seldom produces satisfactory results.  Read..

  • Hull Driver Training

    By Adam Nicolson

    Hull driver training can provide you with the skills and qualifications needed to become a professional driver. Whether you want buses or HGV lorries you need to ensure that you meet all the requirements before you get behind the wheel and start driving. Regardless of which test you want to take and what type of vehicle you want to drive there are a number of criteria that you need to meet. This may include a medical test as well as a theory and driving test.  Read..

  • Explaining Volvo Tuning

    By Tommy Wayne

    Many Volvo owners will be keen to invest in Volvo tuning and in particular D5 tuning to enhance their cars performance. People who are seriously into cars and have a passion for motors are the types of people who will invest in Volvo tuning as well as people who just want to improve the performance and capabilities of their car. Every car has an engine control module and this is what controls the car's engine.  Read..

  • Remain Safe on the Road with Ford Servicing

    By Aidan Smith

    Millions of people across the world travel on the road on a daily basis to and from a multitude of destinations. Whether it is driving to the workplace or returning home from a friend’s house, all drivers are required to be responsible and careful. This is to ensure the safety of themselves and other road users remains intact and that any journey can be made without incident.  Read..

  • The Dangers Associated with Buying Used Cars

    By Lee Malcolm

    When it comes to purchasing a car, legal drivers have a direct choice of options available. They can either visit a car dealership and be assisted by a salesman in picking from a multitude of models on display, or scroll over the ‘Cars for Sale’ columns within newspapers and car magazines. Choosing the latter can allow drivers to receive a car for a reduced price which suits their financial budget and requirements. This is applicable to people who have just passed their driving test or long-standing drivers who require a new vehicle as an upgrade or downsize from their current car.  Read..

  • Make the First Car Purchase the Right One

    By Lee Malcolm

    Thousands of people across the United Kingdom take it upon themselves to undergo driving lessons with the view to one day owning and driving their own personal vehicle. A driving license is obtained following a variable number of lessons, followed by a theoretical and practical test which are both required to be passed. From then on, people can look forward to utilising their position as a legal driver and enjoy a prime form of transport between the home and workplace, along with other destinations of choice.  Read..

  • Secure Peace of Mind when Buying Used Cars for Young Adults

    By Lee Malcolm

    While many people have the freedom of choice to decide for themselves whether to learn to drive or not, many choose to do so once they have turned sixteen. This is the legal age in which people across the United Kingdom are allowed to undertake driving lessons and obtain a license.  Read..

  • Run a car check online first

    By Lee Malcolm

    Buying a used car can be daunting. It's hard to know where to start. The big dealers have hundreds of models on the forecourt and in the showroom. Some of these cars are great little runners. Others not so great. It's hard to tell anything about a car just by looking. Mechanically or in terms of its history. Anyone buying car is about to hand over thousands of pounds of their hard earned cash. It pays to check everything out first before taking the plunge.  Read..

  • Used Cars Midlands

    By Adam Nicolson

    Buying used cars Midlands enables you to save money when compared to buying a similar model brand new. This means that you can choose a car that is a slightly better model or you can use the money you save to pay for insurance, fill up with petrol, and pay for road tax. You do need to ensure that you buy a good quality car, though, to ensure that you enjoy years of trouble free, stress free motoring.  Read..

  • Van Leasing Offers Excellent Value

    By Adam Nicolson

    When the time comes to send your old van to the scrapheap you will need to find an affordable way of obtaining a new one. There are many options available today to allow you to gain access to a new vehicle. Of course, you can always choose to buy a shiny new van but vans are expensive and this if not an option which is available to everyone. You could also look to buy a used van but this may not be at its peak of performance and a decent used van may also be an expensive option for you. The third, and arguably best, option is van leasing.  Read..

  • Why Used Cars Can Be a Better Investment

    By William Blackstone

    Very few people would ever choose to buy the used cars Inverness dealers sell if they had the money to buy a new car. However, whether you have the money available to you or not, there may still be many benefits to finding a good second hand car over buying a car that is brand new.  Read..

  • The Best Way to Buy Cars Online

    By William Blackstone

    There are many ways to buy cars online. From auction sites to online classified ads, there are plenty of places that will have a whole array of cars up for sale.  Read..

  • Tips on Buying a Used Hyundai for Sale Online

    By Adam Nicolson

    When looking for a new car such as a used Hyundai for sale it’s always a good idea to start your search online. This gives you an excellent idea of what’s currently available and the prices the vehicles are going for. It’s never wise to head out and visit a private seller to purchase a car to without checking the current selling price for any vehicle. You can easily pay too much and miss a chance to haggle down the price quite substantially.  Read..

  • Used Cars Hertfordshire

    By Adam Nicolson

    Shopping for used cars Hertfordshire can throw up some real bargains as long as you know what you're looking for before you begin your hunt. There are, of course, many factors you need to consider to ensure that you buy the car that best suits your needs and your budget. Do you require a family car or something a little smaller? Do you want petrol or diesel? Manual or automatic? These are some of the things to consider before browsing.  Read..

  • Why a Skoda Lease is so Popular

    By Adam Nicolson

    One of the most popular cars on the UK roads right now is the Skoda. These cars have transformed their reputation from the late eighties and early nineties and become one of the must have cars for people of all ages. With family budgets being pushed to their limits right now the prospect of buying a brand new car outright may seem impossible, which is why you may want to consider a Skoda lease.  Read..

  • Used Cars Cardiff

    By Adam Nicolson

    When buying used cars Cardiff buyers should take note of several factors that can help ensure they get a car that is ideal for their requirements and to get that car for the best price possible. Buying a used car, rather than a brand new one, does afford the buyer a degree of cost effectiveness. Less depreciation in value and lower total costs than a new car ensure that the buyer should be able to afford a better buy than if they were to purchase brand new.  Read..

  • Benefits of Scrapping a Car

    By Lee Malcolm

    Owning a car provides individuals with arguably the perfect form of transport in order to effectively travel to any intended destination. While public service transport will long remain an integral part of daily life across the United Kingdom, cars are predominate features on the road.  Read..

  • Make Your Dealership a Success by Utilizing Proven Marketing Strategies

    By Xcelmediagroup

    Earning a profit in the automotive industry has gotten harder and harder throughout the years. Dealers are spending more and more money on advertising, but is that investment creating more sales? If you don’t know the answer then you have a problem. These days you have to be smarter than your competition if you really want to be successful.  Read..

  • Selling Unique Cars

    By William Blackstone

    There is a great deal of money to be made in selling unique and interesting cars. Especially today, when more and more cars are starting to look and feel the same, finding something that stands out can be extremely lucrative.  Read..

  • Choose a New Ford Canterbury

    By Adam Nicolson

    It can be an extremely difficult decision to make when choosing which new car would suit you best. There are so many different cars and car manufacturers around and they all cater to different needs and tastes, making it exceedingly difficult to make the right choice. However, a car is an expensive purchase, so it is vital that the right car is chosen, so that your vehicle enhances, rather than hinders your life.  Read..

  • Choose to Buy Used Cars North Wales

    By Adam Nicolson

    Whether you are buying your first car after passing your driving test, or you have been driving your car for years and want to update to a better model, you really should consider buying used cars North Wales, rather than buying a brand new car.  Read..

  • Getting the Best Car Finance Deals

    By Adam Nicolson

    A car is one of the most expensive purchases you may ever make, after buying your own property. For this reason, it is important that you do not rush into any deals when looking to buy a new car. Instead, you should take time to consider your options carefully, to ensure that you make the right decision and get the best deals possible.  Read..

  • Affordable Lease Van Opportunities

    By Adam Nicolson

    You’ve probably heard the term “lease van” before and wondered what it’s all about and why so many people and businesses are choosing this method over purchasing their own vehicles. This type of opportunity comes with its own range of advantages and is a cost effective way for anyone to enjoy the benefits of a younger vehicle without the hassle.  Read..

  • Save Money Now and Buy Ex Motability Cars Online

    By Adam Nicolson

    If you, or a member of your family, have mobility issues then there are specialist vehicles available that can help you to get around. Ex motability cars can be a great way to find an affordable form of transport and there are many top deals online now.  Read..

  • Top Tips You Need to Know When Buying Used Cars Hertfordshire

    By Adam Nicolson

    Buying used cars is a great way to get a top deal for your next vehicle. You can find some excellent used cars available which can offer affordable motoring.  Read..

  • Practical Advice for Anyone Buying Used Cars Cambridgeshire

    By Adam Nicolson
  • Buying Used Cars HertfThere are a number of ways that you can buy used cars Hertfordshire in order to benefit from the purchase of a new vehicle. You can scour the local papers and classified ad magazines in order to try and find private sales, yoordshire

    By William Pollard
  • Buying Used Cars North Wales

    By William Pollard

    There are a number of factors to consider when buying used cars North Wales. You should ensure that you buy a car suitable for your needs, that you pay a competitive price, and that you enjoy any additional services that you require from the showroom. Ideally, you should find a car that is located locally and, if you are looking for additional funds to help purchase your next car, then you should look for showrooms that will take your car in part exchange and that offer finance deals.  Read..

  • Buying Used Cars Croydon

    By William Pollard

    The car has become a necessity for most modern families and is used to drop off and collect the kids from school, take parents to work, and to do the weekly or monthly shop. By choosing the right used cars Croydon drivers can enjoy a fun and beneficial driving experience while ensuring that they are running an economical and safe vehicle to ferry the whole family around.  Read..

  • What is Your Car Worth?

    By Lee Malcolm

    There is often a big disparity between what people sell a car for and what that car is actually worth. There are many reasons for this, but ultimately, many people simply advertise their cars at the wrong price or in the wrong places and, as such, find that they get far less than they should.  Read..

  • Importing your car? Then you’ll probably need an IVA test

    By William Blackstone

    If you’re looking to import a car into the UK there are plenty of rules and regulations you should abide by. You need to make sure that it’s suitable for use on public roads and it’s essential that you register it successfully, and in order to achieve that your car will often have to face an IVA test.  Read..

  • Driver NVQ And CPC Training

    By james Bond

    As well as a driver NVQ, as a professional driver, there are certain qualifications and certificates that you will need to keep updated as you progress through your career. Specifically, the European Union has introduced the Certificate of Professional Competence and all lorry and coach drivers must ensure that they have a CPC dated within the last five years in order to be allowed to drive legally on the roads.  Read..

  • Guide To Fuel Efficient Cars

    By chris Azused

    Rising environment problem as well as the modern-day circumstances that will well be called a circumstance of environmental crisis have considerably affected how we travel. Compact fuel-efficient cars and even hybrid vehicles comprise most of the new car projects. People are increasingly picking vehicles that give much better fuel economy over fancy cars that provide little mileage. Not only does it promote eco-consciousness yet moreover helps one save plenty of money on day-to-day gas refills. Also among the Phoenix used cars, the most popular ones are those that give a higher mileage. So, the current day auto industry is more about efficiency nowadays than it has ever been.  Read..

  • Luton Long Term Parking

    By james Bond

    Luton long term parking is a very popular service the vast majority of the 9.5 million people that use the airport every year leave their cars at the airport. Luton airport has a long history of providing offsite parking as well as onsite parking. This means that some of the car park providers in the industry have been offering this service for decades. As a result, the level of service you get is very good indeed.  Read..

  • Consider Buying Used Cars Croydon

    By Jackob Oram

    If you are looking to buy a car, you may wish to consider buying used cars Croydon rather than a new car. With the economy the way it is at present, it is something of a risk to take out an expensive finance plan in order to by a new car. If you were to lose your job or find yourself bringing in less money than you are at present, then you really could struggle to keep up the payments on a new car and could even end up losing your vehicle. By buying used cars Croydon, you could save a great deal of money and still drive off with a great car.  Read..

  • Alfa Romeo Cardiff

    By garryscott

    The Alfa Romeo is one of the most popular luxury cars in the United Kingdom. It is a prized possession whether new or used. This renowned make can be purchased at Alfa Romeo Cardiff.  Read..

  • Alfa Romeo servicing Sheffield

    By garryscott

    For car owners one of the most important tasks is to ensure the car is regularly serviced and kept roadworthy. Alfa Romeo owners in South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and further afield are fortunate to have a first-class service and maintenance centre in Sheffield. Alfa Romeo servicing Sheffield’s highly skilled staff has the expertise to ensure this world-renowned make remains in a safe and roadworthy condition.  Read..

  • Alfa Romeo Sheffield

    By garryscott

    Alfa Romeo Sheffield is the place to view and buy this luxury Italian brand of motor car. Located on Saville Street East, Alfa Romeo Sheffield sells both new and used cars, including the 159, Giulietta and MiTo.  Read..

  • Citroen parts Blackpool

    By garryscott

    Citroen parts Blackpool can be found on Amy Johnson Way, Blackpool, the home of Lookers Citroen Blackpool. Genuine Citroen parts, engineered to the highest standards, can be purchased and fitted by their specialists.  Read..

  • Citroen servicing

    By garryscott

    Citroens purchased at Lookers-authorised Citroen dealerships can also be serviced at the same location. Expert servicing by highly trained staff is a key part of a high grade after-sales service. Citroen servicing is carried out at dealerships in Blackpool, Liverpool, Newport and Preston. Citroen servicing is essential if the vehicle is to remain roadworthy and safe. It is also crucial for Citroen vehicles which have to meet the strict MOT requirements.  Read..

  • Citroen servicing Newport

    By garryscott

    Citroen servicing Newport is based at the Newport Retail Park on Spytty Road. The dealership also sells Citroens, so it not only provides vehicles for its customers but also helps keep them in roadworthy condition.  Read..

  • Citroen servicing Preston

    By garryscott

    Citroen servicing Preston is an important component of the after-sales process offered at Citroen Preston. Citroen Preston is based on the Fylde Road in Ashton and serves Lancashire and the northwest of England.  Read..

  • Honda servicing Derby

    By garryscott

    The Lookers Derby Honda dealership not only sells cars but ensures they are kept in roadworthy condition. This aftercare service is provided by Honda servicing Derby based at Sir Frank Whittle Road in the city.  Read..

  • Ford parts Sheffield

    By garryscott

    Ford owners living in Sheffield or the surrounding region can find all their vehicle parts’ needs catered for at Ford parts Sheffield. Based at Saville Street East and Archer Road, Ford parts Sheffield plays an essential role in the after-sales service provided at the Ford dealership.  Read..

  • Ford servicing Sheffield

    By garryscott

    Ford servicing Sheffield offers a full range of servicing packages. These are split into minor and major servicing schedules. The minor schedules include such things as vehicle road tests and vehicle inspection reports, oil and filter changes and the replacement of the recommended service items. All the servicing included in the minor schedule features in the major, with the addition of the replacement of spark plugs and fuel filters and the recharge of particulate filters.  Read..

  • Honda parts Nottingham

    By garryscott

    Fitting and selling genuine Honda parts is a very important of the aftercare service at Honda Parts Nottingham. Honda parts Nottingham, based at Lenton Lane in Nottingham, insists that a vehicle’s performance standards will be maintained by having genuine parts fitted by its highly skilled staff. Honda parts are also more resilient and will better withstand the wear and tear of everyday driving.  Read..

  • Jaguar parts

    By garryscott

    Lookers West London and Chelmsford Jaguar dealerships not only sell Jaguars, but also provide parts for this renowned vehicle. The provision of Jaguar parts is an important facet of the dealerships’ aftersales service. The high quality of the Jaguar car is maintained by using only genuine Jaguar parts when servicing cars, or for selling to the public.  Read..

  • Jaguar servicing

    By garryscott

    The Lookers Jaguar dealerships in West London and Chelmsford put a high premium on Jaguar servicing. The servicing of Jaguars by their highly skilled technicians ensures that these world-renowned vehicles remain safe and roadworthy. For those cars which must undergo annual MOT testing, Jaguar servicing at the Lookers Jaguar dealerships is essential.  Read..

  • Kia servicing Colchester

    By garryscott

    Kia servicing Colchester is based at the Lookers Kia Colchester dealership on Magdalen Street. This Kia dealership and authorised Kia servicing centre is one of three based in England.  Read..

  • New Mazda CX5 Warrington

    By garryscott

    The new CX5 is a crossover vehicle. This is a simple concept that has gained much popularity in recent years, following the great increase in interest in SUV type vehicles. Perhaps the most significant problem with SUV's is that they are often not the most practical choice for the majority of people who live in urban settings and have to deal with traffic jams, narrow roads and parking spaces that are simply not designed to fit large four by four vehicles. The solution is the crossover, which is simply an SUV that has been downsized. Generally, these cars feature a design that has been tailored in other ways to suit the needs of regular drivers; for example, a more car-like driving position. However, anyone who is craving a driving experience that is still different from the ordinary car will be happy to know that the CX5 has a higher ride and broader base than most ‘normal’ cars, offering a better vantage point to view the road ahead and greatly enhanced visibility.  Read..

  • New Mazda CX5 Wirral

    By garryscott

    The Wirral Mazda dealership is a partnership between two well-established and experienced companies in the car industry. First, Mazda has been around for many decades, continually producing exciting new cars that go on to sell millions of units worldwide. Second, Windsors car dealership has been around, in one form or another, selling cars since the 1920s, making it one of the oldest dealerships in the UK. The company started selling Mazda’s in the 1990s and ever since has stocked the full range of new Mazda cars, which was recently expanded following the introduction of the CX5, newly released in spring 2012.  Read..

  • New Mazda CX5 York

    By garryscott

    The Mazda CX5 is an exciting new addition to the Mazda car range. This impressive vehicle is an attractive combination of SUV style with the ease of driving and practicality of a more traditional family car. This new form factor is growing in popularity due to the desire for a car that stands out from standard models, yet avoids the downside of owning a large SUV; namely that these vehicles can be unsuitable for regular urban driving and make parking in confined spaces tricky. The new Mazda CX5 neatly avoids all of these problems by taking some of the best features of a full size SUV and compressing them into a very neat package that can easily be driven around the busiest of town centres.  Read..


    By garryscott

    The old motorsport adage that ‘to stand still is to move backwards’ will be familiar to a car manufacturer with as strong a racing pedigree as Audi, so it should come as little surprise to learn that there is a new variant of the popular A4 in the works.  Read..


    By garryscott

    Tuning-minded Mercedes fans will no doubt be familiar with the name Brabus; the high-performance aftermarket company that has been injecting a little something extra into Mercedes-Benz cars for more than three decades.  Read..


    By garryscott

    When you’re already onto a good thing, the first rule is: Don’t mess it up. So you can rest assured that there is a lot of thought being put into the planned revamp of Mercedes’ popular E Class.  Read..

  • BMW 1 Series Coupe Shrewsbury

    By garryscott

    Improving upon a good thing is by definition a formidable challenge, but well-known tuning arm Hartge has released a new upgrades package for the already excellent BMW 1 Series M Coupe.  Read..

  • Used car supermarkets

    By garryscott

    Used cars remain popular with the motor-buying public because they tend to be much less expensive than new models. Advances in motoring engineering and technology have led to cars remaining in roadworthy condition even when they have racked up big mileages. This means that the main thing for people to consider when they are looking to buy a used or secondhand car is where to buy one. The motoring public do want to buy the best vehicles possible for the lowest price. The places most likely to offer this are the used car supermarkets.  Read..

  • Used cars

    By garryscott

    The main thing to check when buying a used car is its condition. The condition of the vehicle will depend on its age and mileage and how well its previous owners kept it maintained. Of course, motorists cannot expect to find used cars in the same pristine condition as new ones, but they should still be safe to take to the road.  Read..

  • Face Lifted Audi Q5 On The Way

    By bensonbrown

    The Audi Q5 was first introduced back in 2009 and a face lifted version of the premium small SUV is set to be revealed at the Paris Motor Show in September 2012. Initial reports suggest that the revised Audi Q5 will only have minor tweaks to the current model, including a new grille and headlights, similar to the recent A5 and Q3 updates. The new Q5 will also feature Audi’s latest ‘boomerang’ LED daytime running lights as well as new bumper treatments to the front and rear.  Read..

  • What Extras Should You Get With A New Car?

    By bensonbrown

    Buying a new car can be problematic. Firstly, there’s the decision about which make and model is right for your needs. Then once you’ve decided on a model, you need to choose the trim level, colour and any additional extras. While many motorists enjoy choosing the features and gadgets that their new car will have, choosing the wrong extras can affect how much the car resells for. As a general rule of thumb, extras depreciate faster than the car, so choosing that satellite navigation system will cost a lot to add on when you buy the car, but you’re unlikely to add much value to the car when you come to sell it. Furthermore, motorists buying used cars often don’t realise the features haven’t come as standard, so buying them can prove to be a complete waste of money.  Read..

  • Audi TT Was Best-Selling Used Sports Car in 2011

    By bensonbrown

    Experian has revealed that the much loved Audi TT was the best selling used sports car in 2011. A total of 22,677 used Audi TT cars were sold last year, beating the Mazda MX-5 which held the position in 2010. The TT saw a 16.41 per cent increase on the 19,481 units sold in 2010.  Read..

  • Old cars are the best

    By bensonbrown

    When my sister dragged me to watch a film with her at the cinema last year, I wasn’t very happy. The title of the film sounded very boring, War Horse, but I went with her anyway, as I am a big fan of Steven Spielberg. During the film I noticed that it featured the 1911 Vauxhall C-Type “Prince Henry” and 1918 Vauxhall D Type Army Staff Car but I wasn’t too sure.  Read..

  • Aston Martin Updates the V8 Vantage Coupe

    By bensonbrown

    Luxury car maker Aston Martin has improved the V8 Vantage so that it is better than ever, and all for a lower price. With its biggest set of updates since 2008, the new V8 Vantage blends elegance and aggression to make even the new Porsche 911 look ordinary.  Read..

  • Convertible Range Rover Evoque Concept Released

    By bensonbrown

    Jaguar Land Rover is attempting to broaden its customer base by unveiling a convertible version of the Range Rover Evoque. It is thought that more women and younger drivers will be attracted to the convertible 4x4. Since its launch in 2011, the Range Rover Evoque has become extremely popular and is set to become the company’s best-selling model. At the moment, the traditional Land Rover Freelander, Discovery and Defender models all outsell the Evoque, full-size Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. These luxurious Range Rover models are all expected to outsell Land Rover models by 2030, however, marking a shift in buying decisions.  Read..

  • Women Prefer The Jaguar XF

    By bensonbrown

    It’s a widely known fact that in any relationship, the woman has a strong influence on big buying decisions. Whether it’s a house, holiday, washing machine, or indeed a car. In fact, an article released by The Economist a few years ago suggests that women make 85% of car buying decisions.  Read..

  • Jaguar Land Rover Enjoys New Sales Record

    By bensonbrown

    In February 2012, the UK car industry saw a 23.5 per cent rise in production, and Jaguar Land Rover enjoyed its best ever month with 32,257 unit sales. Overall, UK car production is up 19.6 per cent for the year to date, although car sales are down slightly by 0.8 per cent.  Read..

  • Bentley Continental GT Scoops New Car Award

    By bensonbrown

    The new Bentley Continental GT has won the Motor Klassik Magazine 2012 award for best ‘New Car – Coupe’. Readers of the German motor magazine cast over 13,000 votes for a variety of classic cars and voted the Continental GT top of the New Cars – Coupe category.  Read..

  • New Skoda SUVs In The Pipeline

    By bensonbrown

    Skoda has announced plans to expand its range and produce a VW Touareg 4X4 and a sub Yeti model, both of which could be reaching showrooms in the next two years. Skoda has revealed that there is space in the current range for two new SUVs, one larger and one smaller than the Yeti, but both will need to be compatible with emerging international markets including Russia, China and India.  Read..

  • Used VW In Kirkcaldy

    By bensonbrown

    I saw a dulux advert on the television and it inspired me to start painting the spare room of my house in Kirkcaldy, where I have lived for the past few years. I had been meaning to do something with the spare room for a while but I had always managed to find an excuse to avoid it. I used my VW to drive to a local hardware store, in South Kirkcaldy, and bought the paint for the decorating. I used only two tins of paint for the room and I was finished by the time the sun went down. I threw the dirty sheets and empty paint cans into my VW and drove them to a local recycling station. The next day I began putting everything back into the spare room, once the paint had dried.  Read..

  • Used VW In Scotland

    By bensonbrown

    I had never been to Scotland before so when my girlfriend asked me if I would like to go and visit her friends in Scotland I immediately said yes. I made arrangements to take time off work and began packing my things for a weekend away in Scotland. I used my VW to drive up to Scotland because I did not want to take the train due to the fact that you have to sit with random people in cramped conditions. Furthermore, the train is very expensive and I thought it would be cheaper if we used my VW.  Read..

  • Thinking of the environment

    By bensonbrown

    I have been looking for a car for my dad but haven’t been able to find a decent car yet. He wants his car to be new and environmentally friendly and won’t cost him too much to maintain. The best car for him will be a hybrid but I don’t know which one to choose from, as there are so many out at the moment.  Read..

  • Benefits of Choosing a Reliable Jeep and Mazda Dealer Knoxville

    By Guillaume Rileys

    Want to get a great deal while buying a jeep or Mazda in Knoxville? Choose the most reliable jeep and Mazda dealer, who has vast experience and knowledge in dealing with new and used vehicle. They believe that long term relationship with the customers is the key to success, so they take every step to ensure that your buying experience is hassle free. Their reliable and friendly service and quality vehicles at affordable rates make them more popular in the Knoxville area.  Read..

  • Buying a Used Car in Knoxville, TN

    By Olivia Smith

    When you determine that you are going to buy a car today, you are probably trying to determine if you want to buy a used one or a new one. What I’ve found through my experiences is that used cars Knoxville are great deals and when I am looking for cars, I am trying to find a great used car dealer to take care of me. You will find that used cars Knoxville options are plentiful and you can take a look at all the great choices out there so that you can get a great car and get yourself a great used car too.  Read..

  • Benefits of Choosing a Reliable Jeep and Mazda Dealer Knoxville

    By Guillaume Rileys

    Want to get a great deal while buying a jeep or Mazda in Knoxville? Choose the most reliable jeep and Mazda dealer, who has vast experience and knowledge in dealing with new and used vehicle. They believe that long term relationship with the customers is the key to success, so they take every step to ensure that your buying experience is hassle free. Their reliable and friendly service and quality vehicles at affordable rates make them more popular in the Knoxville area.  Read..

  • Buy Used Trucks and Cars in Knoxville

    By Guillaume Rileys

    Want to buy used cars or trucks in Knoxville? You can find hundreds of used trucks and cars in the Knoxville area by visiting the site of a reliable vehicle dealer. The experienced staff in the dealer’s office is willing to share their knowledge with you, so you can choose used truck or car that best suits your need and budget.  Read..

  • Tips to Test the OBD Check Engine Light for a C1500 Chevy yourself

    By Woody Green

    As we know that style of diagnostic procedure stopped in 1996, when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standardized the version two of On-Board Diagnostics (OBD 2). Checking an engine made after 1996 requires an OBD scanner. If your Chevrolet C1500 has the ability to self test, then it was manufactured before General Motors started to phase in OBD 2 coding. Although the diagnostic system is outdated, you can still test the Chevrolet C1500 by yourself.  Read..

  • Jeep Hard Top Versus Jeep Soft Tops

    By Kay Zetkin

    Most Jeep owners with hard tops prefer to go without it in the summer. They actually have three choices and each choice has several pros and cons going for it.  Read..

  • How to reset the Check Engine Light on the 1997 Honda Accord by OBD tool

    By Woody Green

    The 1997 Honda Accord comes with the second generation of onboard diagnostics, known as OBD 2. This diagnostics technology was applied to all passenger cars manufactured after the year 1996 and standardized the equipment needed so as to diagnose check-engine light codes. While the diagnostic equipment that you connect to your car's OBD port was once expensive to buy, as the years have progressed, OBD 2 is now in full operation and the scanners and tools have been made affordable for home mechanics and do-it-yourself repair enthusiasts.  Read..

  • Car DVRs to make your life easier

    By peter mathai

    DOD car dvrs are here to provide you with the best in modern day luxuries. If you are the proud owner of a car, then take a step further and accessorize your car with these products. These are reasonably priced and are guaranteed to take your breath away with their uses and caliber. These products are of high end quality and are made to deliver the best performance in any condition. Car dvr is the nest new thing to happen in the accessory automobile industry. These have become indispensable to lot of people who are driven by comforts in life.  Read..

  • Tips to Read OBD Error Codes in a Honda Outboard

    By Woody Green

    As we know every car come with an error code system equipped in a car which allows the car owner or mechanic to diagnose and troubleshoot what is the problem with the car. There are two ways of obtaining and reading a car's error codes, relying on the tool you have and the year in which your car was manufactured. Cars manufactured after 1996 can use either an OBD 2 Scanner to read OBDII code or an SCS Service Connector Tool to read the MIL code, while cars manufactured prior to 1996 only have the SCS Service Connector Tool option. When the codes have been obtained, reading and understanding Honda trouble codes also is a simple task.  Read..

  • Citroen car OBD scan tool

    By Woody Green

    The newest designed Citroen car is indeed a good investment. This car has all functions take to make sure that you are comfortable. A much as you would say you have your Citroen car ready to cruise, you shall remember the engine. It is in this spirit that you should include the use of the Citroen car OBD scan tool to retrieve the engine issues you may encounter. The maintenance and frequent checking of the overall functionality of your car is very important. This can only be achieved by the use of this gadget.  Read..

  • The useful OBD tool for Acura

    By Woody Green

    OBD reader is a tool which used for diagnosing trouble from your car. Nowadays it is more and more popular tool that become one of the basic tools that you should own in your car. It can record all the data for you, and make you get the car’s engine information very easily. It is a tool that also signals the driver on any mechanical trouble with the car by turning on some light that the driver can notice.  Read..

  • Ways about Connecting an OBD 2

    By Woody Green

    Since 1996, in the USA all cars are required to be equipped with an OBD 2 system by law. The OBD 2 system monitors a car's performance and notices the driver of current problems and potential problems of the car. An OBD 2 reader has to be connected to the car so as to recover the Diagnostic Trouble Codes which short for DTC generated by the OBD 2 system.  Read..

  • Car Black Box – The next new tech gizmo!

    By peter mathai

    DOD Car Black Boxes are very famous for their high quality HD video and audio recording solutions. These can be used for numerous including recording of vehicle accident, law enforcement monitoring, helmet cameras, biker cameras, motor sports, etc.  Read..

  • Automatic Gearbox Problems

    By Automatic Gearbox Problems

    Automatic gearbox problems are an unfortunate but unavoidable fact of life for many car owners all over the country. Many people groan when they find that their transmission is malfunctioning as they anticipate they will be the recipient of huge repair bills but this is not always the case. Here is a quick guide to automatic gearbox problems:  Read..

  • Car body repairs Southport

    By Jessica Thomson

    Cars are not cheap to run which is why many of us can be put off of owning one. When it comes to a vehicle we don’t only have the cost of actually buying it but the running costs and any repair costs can really rise to something that can become ill affordable.  Read..

  • Some tips to Use a Car OBD 2 code reader to diagnose system problems in a car

    By Woody Green

    As we know OBD 2 coder reader also call OBD 2 scanner, since 2003, many car manufacturers have been equipping their car computers with the Controller Area Network which known as CAN protocol, an improved computer communication system. You can find a few aftermarket On Board Diagnostic second versions tool also known as OBD 2 code readers compatible with this new system. It will help you monitor and retrieve stored error codes from your car's computer memory to diagnose faults related to engine load, fuel pressure, ignition timing and much more. The car OBD 2 reader may be fitted with several or multiple features, depending on your particular brand and series.  Read..

  • Development for the Parking Sensors

    By Woody Green

    A parking sensor for car is a car parking, more intuitive to safety AIDS or perhaps in cases of obstacles that get rid of the driver to halt, turn and initiate, cars, and conserve the visiting distress remove dead zone and also the driver of blurred vision, improve safety. Generally, car parking sensor system is made from the ultrasonic sensor (also known as probes), controller & display (or buzzer) & other parts. Parking sensor probes ranging general principle, under the charge of the controller, the probes signals, when the obstacles encountered, the generated echo signal and send back, the sensor receives the echo signal from the controller for information processing, pick the location of obstacles, & issued by the display counts the distance of other warning signals, timely warning, so understand drivers when reversing to create backup simpler. Soon, as expertise development & user requires change, reversing radar, mostly over the growth and development of two generations.  Read..

  • Traffic cones

    By Jessica Thomson

    Traffic cones are also referred to as traffic pylons, road cones, highway cones, safety cones or construction cones. They are usually cone-shaped markers that are placed on roads or footpaths and are commonly used to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner. Traffic cones are often used to create separation or merge lanes during road construction projects or automobile accidents. Traffic cones are ideal as they are easy to move and remove and are an ideal temporary traffic solution. Traffic cones, invented in 1914 by Charles P. Rudebaker were originally made of concrete. Today they are more commonly brightly-coloured thermoplastic or rubber cones and are most often a fluorescent “safety” orange. Traffic cones today are also made from recycled materials such as PVC from bottles so are also eco-friendly.  Read..

  • Dodge Sprinter Transmissions made by Mercedes

    By Shawn Owen

    The Mercedes 6 series Transmissions which are used in the Sprinter vans are electronically controlled or "shift by wire" 5-speed automatic transmission units which have been used in Mercedes-Benz' own passenger and commercial vehicles since 1996, and are also used in Daimler-Chrysler and other manufacturers' vehicles. Other designations for these transmissions are NAG1 and 5G-Tronic. Each version carries its own model number in the form 722.6xx for example the 1999 C230 has a 722.600, the ML 320 has a 722.662 and so on. The Dodge Sprinter transmission is a 722.681, and the 2007 up Mercedes Sprinter vans carry the 722.683 transmission.  Read..

  • 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid

    By john

    The Hyundai Sonata hybrid wrapped in the Kia Optima’s burlier skin. Like the gas-electric Sonata, the Optima is powered by a 166-hp, 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine mated to a 40-hp electric motor. Total output is 206 hp and 195 lb-ft of torque, which is sent to the front wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission. Although the EPA hasn’t officially rated the Optima hybrid, it should get the same 35 mpg city/40 highway projections as the Sonata.  Read..

  • 2011 Kia Optima Hybrid

    By john

    The Hyundai Sonata hybrid wrapped in the Kia Optima’s burlier skin. Like the gas-electric Sonata, the Optima is powered by a 166-hp, 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine mated to a 40-hp electric motor. Total output is 206 hp and 195 lb-ft of torque, which is sent to the front wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission. Although the EPA hasn’t officially rated the Optima hybrid, it should get the same 35 mpg city/40 highway projections as the Sonata.  Read..

  • Avail the Best Cash for Car Offers

    By Peter

    You might want to think about donating your car or availing cash for car, if you have a vehicle that is simply cluttering up your driveway, or maybe it would cost more to repair the car than it is actually worth.  Read..

  • San Pedro Suspension and Safety Tips

    By Mitch Harmatz

    A suspension problem is often overlooked until it becomes a potentially dangerous and costly issue. You can avoid these problems by visiting your local San Pedro suspension and automotive service center on a regular basis.  Read..

  • Buying a used car – Follow simple step to make your car purchase more accountable

    By Jhon Lewis

    Following some easy but important steps really make your used car purchase more accountable. Check for your budget and select a car model based on your usage, do check for engine condition, interiors, future maintenance cost and mileage for used car.  Read..

  • How to Deal with an SUV Rollover

    By Nick Johnson

    SUV rollovers are notoriously dangerous. Thousands of motor vehicles are involved in rollovers every single year, and the unfortunatey thing about that is not only are many of these accidents preventable, but also that once people get into accidents, they have absolutely no idea what to do. If you own an SUV it is important to learn about rollovers so that you can avoid them and, God forbid your SUV does rollover, you know what to do.  Read..

  • Limousine for Presidents

    By Kamila Abdullaeva

    Sometimes I wonder how US Presidents used to get around. Before the invention of the limousine, the private jet, or even the car, what exactly set the President's mode of transportation apart from the mode of the regular citizen?  Read..

  • What is the use of old cars?

    By ronnie

    When can we say that a car is old? Literary speaking old means something that is useless, fragile and worthless. Nowadays people tend to dispose old things like tables, chairs, specially cars and many more.  Read..


    By Mory Brenner, Esq. & Keith Hassenpflug

    Well, it’s that time again. Your car just doesn’t meet your needs anymore. So you pick up the paper and check out the automobile classified ads. What you see could have you believing in Santa Claus again. What an auto advertisement says is one thing, what it means can be something else entirely. Below find some typical auto ads that usually represent a lot more hype than substance for those who want to buy a car.  Read..

  • Buy a Car Made in - Ethiopia?

    By L. Winslow

    General Motors sold some 2 million cars overseas this year, a drastic improvement, but realize that the global auto market is heating up, with other new market entrants. For instance Ethiopia now will be selling a 4-cyllinder, 5-speed sedan for only $16,000 which will be made with Chinese parts. Other companies will have a tough time being able to compete, especially considering that Ethiopia has a huge import tax of 1.5 times the cost.  Read..

  • Four Very Important Things to Look For in a Car Lift

    By Nick C

    Whether you've just opened a shop and are looking for a new car lift or you are seeking to replace one of your existing units, car lifts are nearly as complex and diverse as the vehicles that they lift. There are so many factors to consider (size, load capability, type, etc.) that choosing the appropriate car lift is often an arduous experience in and of itself.  Read..

  • So You're Shopping For A Car

    Whether you buy or lease, save money on the deal with tips from
    (ARA) - For many Americans, a car is the second largest purchase they make. Advertisers devote millions of dollars to convince us that we deserve to own the hottest set of wheels. The same people who used to yell, "I want my MTV!" are now shouting, "I want my SUV!"  Read..

  • Roof Rack Provide Solution to Space Problem in a Car

    By alexus devon

    Imagine that you have a group of friends and all of you want to go for a bike ride in the steep ridges far away from your home. You have only one car to get to the place. All the accessories, luggage and other apparatus are to be accommodated in the car; and more importantly the bikes.  Read..

  • Do Car Rental Companies Accept International Driving Permits (IDP)?

    By Amy Nutt

    If an individual from the United States is visiting another country or an individual from another country is visiting the United States, an International Driving Permit will be needed to be able to rent a car in a country other than your own. Even rental car companies that have branches in different countries will need to see an International Driving Permit before the individual will be allowed to rent a vehicle in that country. There are several requirements that need to be met before an IDP will be issued and the permits are not valid in every country.  Read..

  • Researching Used Car Prices On The Internet

    By Dakota Caudilla

    No sooner have you started searching for car prices on the Internet, your head will be spinning with competitive car prices and promises of prompt delivery, dedicated customer service response, and huge discounts. Are all of those promises and claims to be believed? Your guess is as good as mine, if you want the truth. But then, there are ways to help you find the less unscrupulous ones on the Internet and bring you honest-to-goodness car prices that are well worth your time and money.  Read..

  • Wanna Be A Car Dealer?

    By Kirstine Pallette

    Cars are one of the most important purchases in a person’s life and therefore it is wise to have the best information going into such an investment. As a car dealer this is especially important to remember when you are looking to sell cars that are used.  Read..


    By ronnie

    I am obsessed with my car. No it isn’t anything ‘flash’, but it has been reliable, I like the colour and it is comfortable to drive long distances. Just lately, I had been seriously thinking of selling it and buying something quite new.  Read..

  • Insider Secrets To Buying A Used Car

    By Rex Freiberger

    The used car market continues to grow and, as with increased inflation in the form of higher house rentals, school fees and food prices, the demand for good quality used cars is likely to become an increasingly attractive proposition for many people who would have bought brand new vehicles in the past.  Read..

  • Innovative Technologies Coming in the Near Future

    By Sarmaad

    The Day is almost here were you will speak with your car merely by the though of it., and definitely without pushing buttons. It is just around the corner. The talented minds that are accountable for the bulk of the BMW technology labs is working on a system they call Hand, Head Input.  Read..

  • Car Problems What To Do Next

    By Tony Smith

    You have just had your car serviced / repaired and you have paid your bill and left a happy customer and then bang the car breaks down and won't re-start.
    You contact the garage and they recover your car back to there premises and then inform you it has something to do with the laughing shaft haven fallen of the giggle pump? Makes no sense to you until they tell you it's going to cost lots of money and its not there fault although they have just serviced / repaired the car.  Read..

  • 10 Tips for Using Less Gas and Saving More Money

    By Danek Kaus

    The hurricane that has devastated so many lives has created a huge spike in gasoline prices around the country, even in areas that are not directly affected by the crisis.
    With this in mind, here are some ways that you can reduce your gas consumption, and thereby spend less money at the pump. At the same time, you'll also be helping the environment by putting fewer emissions into the air.  Read..

  • Five Things Car Dealers Dont Want You To Know

    By Matthew Hick

    All you want is the best car for your money. All the dealer wants is to get the most money he can. That may mean trying to convince you to buy things that you really don't need. Here are 5 things car dealers don't want you to know when buying a new car or truck:  Read..

  • Buy the right car for your teen driver

    By Paige Filler

    The generation gap that exists between a teen of driving age and their parents is a doozie, making car shopping for your teen driver an experience not soon forgotten. However, if you do your research, chances are you will be able to come to a mutual agreement on something that is affordable and safe enough for you and cool and economical enough for them.  Read..

  • Why Is It Important To Calibrate Your Car For Road Safety Reasons

    By Low Jeremy

    One way of avoiding the long queuing will be calling in advance and scheduling an appointment. This is because the personnel in the repair shop will always give priority to that person instead of someone who just walked in to have it checked out.  Read..

  • Building the Best Car Stereo System

    By Sebastian Schneider

    Today car sound systems are big business. People, especially the younger generation, want to build the very best in car sound systems and they usually do not care what they cost. This can become an expensive undertaking but for those who value music it is worth every penny.  Read..

  • Free Cars - Fact or Fiction ?

    Drive a free car !!
    Get paid to drive your own car !!!
    Are these claims about free cars too good to be true? Are there companies who will actually provide you a free car?  Read..

  • Car Audio -- A Grievous Mistake Most People Make

    By Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba

    If you have spent any considerable amount on your car audio equipment, then you need to make sure you are not making this common and costly mistake...
    Not taking precautions that will either reduce the likelihood of a loss or protect yourself if such a loss happens. This loss can result from a crash, vandalism, theft or fire.  Read..

  • Subaru Impreza GB270 final edition (UK) Detailed

    By Evander Klum

    Subaru is guaranteeing its customers with exceptional value from the final-edition versions, which are limited to 400 units only, of its legendary Impreza 2.5 WRX saloon and Sports Wagon. The last-of-the-line current Impreza is called the GB270. You will need about £7,600 for a purchase of extra equipment for the saloon and just below £7,000 for the Sports Wagon. Both models possess the pricing of £22,995 on-the-road, which is only £2,898 and £1,898 more than the standard Impreza WRX saloon and Sports Wagon, respectively.  Read..

  • Cyprus Car Rental - Cyprus Car hire - Cheap Paphos Car Rental

    By Vandana Kashid

    Cyprus Car Rental & Hire covering the whole Cyprus, offices in all towns and holiday resorts including Larnaca, Paphos, Ayia Napa, Limassol, Nicosia,Polis, Episkopi, and Troodos & Protoras with largest & youngest fleet of hire cars at lowest rates. Travelling overseas for a vacation is simple enough, choose a beautiful destination, pack your bags, and get on a plane and on to your vacation haven.  Read..

  • How To Buy Or Sell A Vehicle Over The Internet Without Getting Taken For A Ride

    By Steve McCauley

    Would you consider buying a car...or selling one for that matter...over the Internet?
    Where would you go to buy or sell a car online? Who can you trust?
    Here's some eye-opening car buying and selling online statistics I'd like to share with you...  Read..

  • Car Buying Tips: Focusing on Trade Difference

    By J.D. Rucker

    Focusing on Trade Difference
    Having car buyers at the dealership, at the negotiating table, excited about a vehicle and ready to make a purchase is the only time the dealership has a chance to really make some money. The best way they can do this is by making consumers focus on payments.  Read..

  • Save Thousands at Auto Auctions - Without Marrying a Car Dealer!

    The Common Misconception: Auto auctions are only open to car dealers.
    The Surprising Truth: Anyone with the right resources can participate in the same auctions as the dealers!
    Think about it. How much could you save if you bypassed the dealers and purchased directly from their sources? 30%, 50%, maybe even 75%.
    As unbelievable as this sounds, it is possible with a little patience and research.  Read..

  • Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR 722 Edition

    By James Rothaar for LxM

    The stylish, suave, and faster-than-ever Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR 722 Edition is receiving a lot of attention these days. Unfortunately, MBZ's official Web site has no info on the McLaren SLR 722. The Web site only has information on the 2006 McLaren SLR. The beastly SLR 722 made its world premiere September 2006 at the Paris Motor Show. However, since only 150 of the SLR 722 Editions will be made, it may be somewhat difficult to pick up a new one.  Read..

  • Used Cars For Sale On Ebay

    By Sydney Johnston

    There are thousands of used cars for sale on eBay every single day. In fact, eBay Motors is the most profitable sales division on eBay and naturally there are many entrepreneurs who are interested in jumping into this market. For instance, eBay claims it sells an SUV every nine seconds and is the biggest online car dealer in America, exceeding the traditional car companies. In fact, there are 15 million cars sold over the Internet each year - and growing.  Read..

  • Volvo Discloses 10 Spots Where It Didn't Sink Its Treasure

    By Glady Reign

    The thrill of finding Volvo's treasure chest is increasingly building up. To intensify the escapade a bit further, Volvo Cars is leaking vital hints to aid treasure hunters. The Swedish automaker has already disclosed ten spots where it did not sink the treasure.  Read..

  • How To Change Your Car's Motor Oil In 3 Easy Steps

    By Rex Freiberger

    Ideally, you should change your motor oil every three months or after every 3,000 miles. If you often drive around in hot or dusty conditions, you might even want to change oil more often than that.
    The process is pretty simple, and as easy as one-two-three. Step one is getting ready, step two is draining the oil and changing the oil filter while step three is installing the new oil.  Read..

  • Comprehensive Guide on Buying the Car

    By Mitch Johnson

    It’s not an easy decision when it comes to buy a car. There’s always a doubt on how you will be able to deal with the dealer. Specially when you don’t know the exact price of the car. These Articles will give you some ideas and tips on how to prepare yourself before get in to the car dealers.  Read..

  • Car Buying Guide for Honda Models

    By Maria William

    Honda cars are running fast in the latest automobile companies race. One can say … it’s a good going for this giant automotive manufacturing company. It has rapidly followed the footsteps of car manufacturing companies like Toyota and Ford who have created a number of their car models in hybrid form.  Read..

  • Get The Best Car For You, Over The Web

    By Pat Stevens

    A car finder is a person who asks what you need, what you can pay and then finds all the suitable options for you. The choice in the end is yours and of course everyone wants the best. So who decides? You do.  Read..

  • How to Avoid Speed Traps

    By John Marcus

    If you have ever driven a car, then you have probably been stopped—or almost stopped—for speeding. Regardless if you have a lead foot or were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, speeding tickets can wreck havoc on your driving record and bank account. From hefty fines to points registered against your driving record that can dramatically influence your insurance payments, speeding tickets are detrimental in all aspects.  Read..

  • Car Radio Installation Accessories -- What You Need To Know

    By Chimezirim Odimba

    Car radio installation accessories comprise of harness adapters leads, fascia adapters, stalk/steering wheel control adapters (also known as SMART leads) and aerial adapters.One or more of the above adaptors may be needed when you are installing an in-dash CD or MP3 player or a complete CD changer package. Car radio installation accessories enable you to install your new radio/head unit seamlessly without the need to cut any wires and so will not invalidate your car warranty.  Read..

  • Should You Really Buy A Used Car?

    By rateempire

    Buying a vehicle can be quite an ordeal. You have to find the money in your budget for the new vehicle. Often you have to decide whether you want to sell your existing vehicle outright or trade it in. Then that decision is based on if you buy through a dealer or private party. You have to decide what you like.  Read..

  • 5 Quick Tips For Safety On The Road

    By Pete Lance

    The road is a dangerous place. Any driver on the road has life-and-death power over his passengers and everyone he encounters on the road, including other drivers. Do not, ever, lose your focus when you are driving. Here are 5 quick tips to ensuring your safety on the road.

  • What Is My Car Worth?

    By Graeme Sprigge

    The question you ask when selling your car is, 'How much is it worth?' well this question is actually incomplete. You have to add three parts and you get three different answers.
    How much is it worth when I sell it to a:

  • Safe Driving Tips. Save Money, Save Your Life!

    By Frank Frost

    As you have observed, many drivers are idiots. Here are some tips to avoid accidental run ins with these challenged drivers. If you happen to be one of these idiots, please take note!  Read..

  • The Right Car Audio System For You

    By Yvonne Volante

    Regardless of your car audio listening habits: broadcast radio, satellite radio, or CDs, finding the desirable speaker combination for your automobile will make your audio experience a positive one. Finding the right system may take some effort and research, but it will be worth it. Improved components which add greater functionality of car audio system means you should know about certain components. These components are speakers, sub woofers, tweeters, amplifiers, ipod adapters and more.  Read..

  • Buying a Used Car – 7 Tips

    Purchasing a previously owned vehicle can be a great way to save some cash while still getting a good car. Avoid making costly mistakes by reading these 7 tips for buying a used car.

  • Finding new cars online

    By Lee

    Finding new cars online is a quick and easy processes of buying a new car. offers you this easy process with a wide range of all the new cars.  Read..

  • Check Out The Honda ATV Line

    By Donovan Keithly

    Got some tough terrain to cover? Forget the yuppie Hummer and check out the Honda ATV line. Sure both will cover that tough terrain without any trouble but the ATV is a smarter and much more affordable choice.

  • 2005 BMW M5 Performance and Luxury at Its best at Partstrain

    By Jenny McLane

    The all-new fourth generation M5 pushes that envelope even further with the first V10 engine to power a production sedan. The new V10 produces 507 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque by European measure. This new engine is mated to a seven-speed SMG transmission. With this new powertrain, the M5 offers the best power-to-weight ratio in its class.

  • Find Car Rental Companies Online

    By Lee

    There are several things you need to keep in mind when you go out looking for rental cars. There are very few people who rent cars regularly and obviously it is likely that since you are reading this note, you are not one of them.  Read..

  • Big Savings on Gas While you Travel - Beat the Gas Pumps!

    By Kathy_Steinemann

    Gas prices are soaring! This has resulted in elevated travel expenses. If you travel by car, YOU have some control over the costs. Here are some ways to save money on gas.

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